InvenSpread TS2 automatic spreading machine for knitwear

Automatic spreading machine for knitwear, enables us to spread tubular fabric, from roll or from pallet. Spreading machine with the  „direct-drive”system, operator’s platform  and easy to use touch screen operator’s panel. All four wheel drive and tensionless feeding system. Optionally machine can be equipped with the pallet for knitwear material (TSB2, picture bellow).

User advantages:

  • Significant increase of possibility of spreading and unwinding of textile materials
  • High quality and accuracy of work thanks to the automatic edge control system
  • Uniform quality of spreading all length of markers, limited only by the length of spreading table
  • Practically no limits in length of spreaded markers, like in manual spreading
  • One man operation – cutting cost at increased output
  • Possibility of fully automatic mode, without of attention of the operator
InvenSpread TS2- Main technical parameters
max spreading height 280mm
max fabric width 1250mm
max diameter of fabric roll 500mm 
max weight of roll 120kg
max linear spreading speed 80 m/min.
optional attachment for four garment sizes 30-120cm
voltage and power 2kW/ 220-240V
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