Invencut TOP LINE cutters

Conveyorized multilayer cutting machine

TOP LINE C350 - Cutting materials from 1 -layer up to 3.5 cm in layers under compression
TOP LINE C600 - Cutting materials from 1 -layer up to 6.0 cm in layers under compression
TOP LINE C800 - Cutting materials from 1 -layer up to 8.0 cm in layers under compression

Some important technical features:

  • Integrated cutting head and the beam containing computer control unit (system adopted from robotics)
  • Operator control panel using touch-screen computer
  • Additional color touch-screen control panel on the beam of the machine
  • Interactive knife modulation speed controlled by software
  • Interactive cutting control software ALL CUT©: detailed presentation of marker, cutting simulation, online monitoring of cutting process and cutting parameters, reports and event diagnostics.of errors
  • System reads cutting files in ISO and DXF formats
  • Optimisation of cutting parameters from files, cutting order, common lines, etc.
  • Notch size control, notch type control (I type, internal V type, external V type) and cutting mode of notches
  • Online marker visualisation
  • Online monitoring of cutting process
  • Cutting simulation of single element or group of elements, in order to avoid cutting errors. Adjustable lenght of  cut-off material waste, easier elements collection, avoiding long waste material
  • Optimization of starting point of cutting
  • Merging multiple markers to be cut at once
  • Knife width monitoring with knife change alarm system
  • Easy adjustment of tilt of the marker in X axis
  • Online view of the cutting parameters
  • Auto-diagnostics identifying and supporting of possible errors
  • Built in WIFI card, possible wireless connection to local LAN
  • Automatic save and recovery function in case of power
  • Conveyorized bristle table (cutting) and collection conveyor in two directions
  • Movement of the collection conveyor moving in two modes, synchronized with bristle conveyor or independent
  • Possibility to set up order of cutting small elements as first
  • CLED: Self cleaning of the bristle table when the conveyor is moving
  • Large size air filter and very efficient silencer box at the exit of air pipe
  • EVAS: electronically control of vacuum level, stable hold of material, saving electrical energy
  • QUAD MULTIAGHI – Special brush construction, easy knife movement, better vacuum
  • MEF: Special system of knife bending control, trough mechanical and electronic stabilizing system
  • KOSM: System linking the linear cutting speed with knife oscillation (automatic knife oscillation) limiting knife overheating and as a result melting edges of the material to be cut
  • APSD: Automatic sharpening of the knife with pneumatic drive. (8-10M.rev/min) ensures long life of the knife and the sharpening disc. Full control of the sharpening angles and sharpening time
  • STCO: Standard cooling system of the knife with air stream blow

User advantages:

  • lowest running and maintenance cost
  • possibility of cutting low ply or even single layers in short time
  • reliability of work through systems derived directly from robotics
  • multiple increase of production output and savings on the cost of labour
  • enormous financial savings, fast return of the investment
  • digital cutting system ensures highest quality of elements for the stitching department
  • easy and intuitive operation, possibility to employ even unqualified workers
  • independency of the cutting room from access to qualified labour source


living heart of the machine

Knife oscillating at very high speed, electronically controlled sharpening system, high cutting speed and cutting precision, high efficiency, reliability


operators panel on beam

A convenient operator panel at the beam arm, with coloured touch LCD screen all in modern design enables easy and fast operation and control of the machine


compact design of the cutter

A unique construction of the brushes ensures stable support of high layers of layered material, efficient vacuum, efficient self cleaning and elasticity of bristles at knife movement


cutting management

Window based software for parameters control and file management. A very simple graphic and intuitive interface of the software enables use of the program even by unqualified worker

Available sizes of cutting window

 Dimension 180×175 180×210 210×175 210×210 225×175 225×210 240×175
Maximum width of the window 1,80 m 1,80 m 2,10 m 2,10 m 2,25 m 2,25 m 2,40 m
Length of the window 1,75 m 2,10 m 1,75 m 2,10 m 1,75 m 2,10 m 1,75 m
Total width „A 2,70 m 2,70 m 3,00 m 3,00 m 3,15 m 3,15 m 3,30 m
Total width „B 3,90 m 4,80 m 3,90 m 4,80 m 3,90 m 4,80 m 3,90 m

Technical parameters

 Parameters C350 C600 C800
Power consumption 19 kW 20 kW 22 kW
Average power consumption 9-12 kW 11-13 kW 14-15 kW
Power requirements 3-phase 3x400V+N, 5-Hz +/-10%
Compressed air maximum usage 150l/min., at 6 bar
Working temperature od +10oC do + 45oC
Humidity od 30% do 80%
Noise level <75 dB
Cutting acceleration 0,6 g (6 m/s2)
Maximum cutting speed 60 m/min.
Maximum speed in air: 120 m/min.
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