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Software for garment, textile and furniture industry

Main assumption when we create our software is to make it 100% functional for garment and textile industry, targeted at very easy and intuitive usage. Each module has a modern and full-featured user interface but available functions were carefully profiled and pre-selected to avoid user’s confusion and to assure ease of use, while keeping rich set of possibilities placing our CAD among the best products on the market.

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Plotters are used for printing patterns and markers prepared in any CAD in real size. Our offer includes wide range of very functional and quality-proven plotters and other equipment for the systems.

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More than 15 years of experience in sales and introductions of CAD systems gives us knowledge to prepare hardware configurations pre-selected both in terms of optimal functionality and price. We’re offering complete solutions according to the requirements and production needs of the end-user, best suited to your requirements and with compatibility in mind.

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We’re offering complete solutions for modern, automatic cutting of all types of fabrics. Automatic cutting is introduced in any type of production and three groups of cutters we’re offering guarantee optimal solution both for diversified production and different types of fabric and material used. Usage of high quality spreading machines additionally improves production preparation process in the cutting room. We’re delivering solutions proven in practice characterized by innovation, long-time availability of technical service and economy in usage.

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How to reduce fabric consumption, save time and earn more?

Below you can see three most innovative, additional modules of the software which will always bring notable cost savings and reduction of the production time. The investment will pay for itself in short period of time and will become an irreplaceable part of the production process. See what are the possibilities you gain with these additional modules and how much you can safe!

InvenTex IMM Inteligent optimal nested markers

Automatic, intelligent markers creation with lowest possible fabric consumption in 2-3 minutes. Comparison tests proved the highest efficiency in reference to similar solutions. IMM can realize all requirements and technological restrictions. It’s possible cooperate with any CAD and perform optimizations of markers created in other systems.

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InvenTex ICP Cut Plan Planning orders cutting

InvenTex ICP is a revolutionary tool for advanced optimization of cutting orders allowing to achieve exceptional time and fabric savings. ICP - Inteligent Cut Planner according to the quantity of pieces in requested size and chosen set of colors will create an optimal quantity of markers required to realize demand value required to produce given order. Detailed reports are simplifying handling of cutting orders in cutting room.

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InvenTex VST V-Stitcher 3D garment visualization

Fast and effective fitting, trying on and visualization of models on 3D avatars in any chosen size. Modelling of patterns with visual preview of the effect on a virtual mannequin. VST is minimizing the need to perform prototypes sewing. Supports marketing actions. Delivers rotary pictures in different colorways which can be used in the internet shops. Possibility to create photo sessions for catalogues.

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Why US?
25 years of experience, very good offer, proven quality of products
Innovative, modular solutions - you buy only what you need
Effective introduction and best training in usage of the system
Good service, technical support and access to spare parts


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