Main features of the system

Why it’s worth to choose the InvenTex?

Investment in modern, innovative CAD system in order to replace traditional, manual patterns creation, is always resulting in many advantages. Return of costs is fast, even in case of small production. You can gain many new possibilities, speed which was unavailable before, creativity and a significant production costs reduction. The biggest time and money savings can be achieved in everyday work thanks to computer-aided creation of cutting markers. In this area your investment will be most effective. Also replacement of already owned old system will result in big savings and lots of additional possibilities. And also in this case it takes only three days to modernize your production. Make sure you know why.

Features and advantages of the InvenTex system

  • Highest quality and functionality

    Lots of innovative solutions, very well profiled and thought out user interface thanks to which a lot of functions are not making usage more difficult and available possibilities are placing the InvenTex system among the best products of this type currently available on the market. Perfectly suited in any size of the company! Will meet the needs of each constructor, most efficient cutting markers will always be ready on time.

  • Clarity and ease of use

    InvenTex system is the enterprise-class solution. Such solutions are usually very complicated in structure and the user interface is highly outdated in terms of currently available standards. Also the introduction and training is time-consuming. The InvenTex system is absolutely not like that – it’s modern and it has the look&feel which is very attractive, yet user friendly and ergonomic.

  • High speed and big savings

    Speed of new models creation and greatly reduced creation time of most effective markers you will observe right in the first week after system installation. Time and costs savings obtained in first month after you start using the InvenTex system are significant and financially noticeable.

  • Fast introduction and training

    We’ve created a system with is functional, user friendly and easy to use. Thanks to these features our introductions and trainings are very effective and do not require big time investment. Our qualified staff is leading through the system usage introduction process in a very interesting, individually adjusted way. Ease of use of the program and work in production environment after only three days of training!

  • Excellent control tools

    InvenTex provides all necessary professional functions and construction measurement methods with dynamic re-calculation and presentation of dimensions after each modification of length. Interactive measurements table allows to verify mutual matching of patterns, providing the fastest way of patterns control.

  • Best suited offer

    Modern technology, full functionality and modular design of the system is a solution always meeting with your requirements and needs. Individual approach to each case, efficient handling of customer’s resources, professional advice and offer creates the best solution, open for further development. InvenTex is a solution for years! In each stage of company development you can freely extend the system.

  • Professional & constant development

    Our success is in almost twenty five years of constant gaining of knowledge and experience, building of positive long-term relations which our customers. We’re not afraid of any challenges and we’re realizing with passion even the most advanced solutions. It’s an interesting, continuously extended and refreshed offer. We’re offering only proven products from suppliers we trust.

  • Unlimited sizesets

    Time of model preparation for big quantity of sizes is only slightly longer than preparation of eg 5 sizes and the advantages are uncomparable. Most important is the fact of 20-50-times shorter time needed for preparation and grading of patterns necessary for production.

  • Excellent Information Flow

    InvenTex is the only one currently available CAD system with an integrated module for easy creation of documentation. On each stage of model creation it provides panels for entering or previewing technological information, pictures, attachments, etc. It’s possible thanks to the SQL database and server-oriented system design. All information are always available at hand. Prefect!

  • Collaboration and teamwork

    Thanks to available import/export and data conversion tools InvenTex is open for full cooperation between companies with different CAD systems installed. Even if you don’t need it now, you can rest assured that in case if you need to exchange data in different formats in the future you won’t have to replace your CAD to make it possible.

Professional equipment, innovative, perfectly integrated software

InvenTex – see details which make a difference:

Very fast start into the „new reality”!

  • Innovative digitizing assuring most precise possible entering and processing of paper patterns into the computer
  • High speed of digitizing allows transferring all traditional paper-made patterns into the computer and get rid of them once and for good
  • Excellent auto calibration system with reduction of optical errors provides highest precision in patterns shapes processing
  • Digital photos allow to archive all details and information from existing paterns
  • All existing patterns will be perfectly cataloged with functionality of quick searching and sorting
  • Thanks to the InvenTex system you’ll move all your patterns to the digital reality

Best constructions and grading!!!

  • Full control on the shapes of patterns! Digitally stored shapes of al patterns are precise and repeatable in 100%
  • Error-free and well matched patterns are increasing the quality of products and improve sewing operations
  • Computer-aided grading can be even 100-times faster in comparison to manual methods and the quality is incomparable
  • Wide range of construction functions supported by interactive assistant tool and clear visualization
  • New technologies providing best tools for work with seaming allowances, corners, notches
  • All time consuming operations needed for patterns handling were effectively eliminated

Unrestricted creativity of your collection

  • Basing on the real or digitized patterns we can quickly create new, extremely creative collections
  • Adding hemming, folding, pleat or dart is very easy with user-friendly and effective and interactive functions
  • Patterns modeling, fancy cutting or moving darts to some other position it’s just a few clicks away
  • Control closing of hemmings, pleats and darts allows to simulate sewing of these elements and facilitates modelling and control of patterns
  • Interactive measurement table provides best control and mutual matching of sewn patterns
  • Continuous real-time control of all required parameters and available patterns verification tools allow to create models in the highest possible quality

Excellent models and patterns management

  • Thanks to embedded support for SQL database the system provides models management methods unavailable in other systems
  • For freely selected models all available information, attachments and technological descriptions stored in the system are always at hand
  • Searching for models and patterns is realized very quickly, easily and effectively by modern database engine
  • Flexible way of models and patterns classification provides best information flow and very efficient handling of company data
  • Embedded database assures best protection and safety of all data stored in the system
  • Aesthetic, clean printouts and reports are another very strong advantage of the InvenTex system, which greatly improves work quality

Biggest possibilities at best price!

  • InvenTex System is a suite of very well designed and mutually integrated modules, allowing to turn ideas into real collections very quickly and creatively
  • Modular design provides best matching of the system to current and future customers needs
  • Intelligent functions for fabrics and work time optimization provide highest savings and faster return of the investment
  • Highly modern, with best functionality and price – these are the advantages which make the InvenTex most often selected system for production preparation
  • Possibilities of further extension and modernization of the system by adding new modules bringing notable savings and technological development of the company

Be prepared for new technologies!

  • InvenTex VST V-Stitcher it’s the most advanced and mature 3D solution currently available on textile market
  • Virtual designing, fitting and collection vizualizing on 3D mannequins is a solution allowing to gain very big, new possibilities and savings during creation of your new collections
  • Perfect tools for effective marketing of textile & garment products
  • Virtual photorealistic sessions provide visual content for catalogues and web pages yet before the final product was finally sewn
  • By using InvenTex VST you’re fast and competitive on the market!

Save time and fabrics, make your production cheaper!

  • Intelligent creation of highly efficient cutting markers. it’s a module which can pay-off the investment of the whole system in short time
  • Automatically created markers with lowest possible fabric consumption can be prepared in 2-3 minutes only
  • Performed comparison tests proved the highest efficiency among similar solutions
  • The module is working together with Intelligent Cut Planner which provides most optimal cutting planning basing on on the quantities and colors of ordered products
  • Send us examples of already finished cutting orders or most efficient markers you were able to achieve so far and we’ll show you how much money you can save!!!!!!

Why our clients are choosing InvenTex?

Why is it better than other CAD systems?

Short summary of features and functions of the system. By wheel rotation you can find out why InvenTex has the advantage and is winning with other solutions available on the market!

More than 15 years of experience in sales and introduction of the CAD systems allows us to select the best, proven and most often delivered solutions, both in terms of functionality and economy. We’re providing solutions prepared according to requirements and production needs of the customer, assuring the best match to the needs and compatibility. We’re also offering delivery of equipment for Modern Cutting Room.


InvenTex was built with newest technologies and main idea to provide 100% of functionality needed for garment and textile industry. It’s easy and intuitive in usage, it has modern and functional user interface. Wide range of available functions was carefully profiled to avoid users confusion while its possibilities keep it among the best products on the market. Aesthetic and modern look&feel assures comfortable work with the system.


We’ve created a functional, user friendly and easy to use system and thanks to these advantages our introductions and trainings are very effective, without necessity to invest lots of time. Our qualified staff is leading through the system usage introduction process in a very interesting, individually adjusted way. Ease of use of the program allows for independent work in production environment after only three days of training. It’d be impossible in case of other systems and it’’s the introduction wich is most often deciding about a success of the investment!



„The best suit you can get is made to measure” – thanks to advanced, modern technology and modular construction of our software products we’re offering solutions best suited to the needs of our customers.  Individual approach to the customers needs, efficient use of his resources and professionally adjusted offer makes the best solution, opened for its further development. We always care to make sure that our offer is the best on the market and at best possible end-user price.


Our success is in more than fifteen years of constant gaining of knowledge and experience and building positive long-term relations which our customers. We’re not afraid of any challenges and we’re realizing with passion even the most advanced solutions. It’s an interesting, continuously extended and refreshed offer. We’re offering only proven products from suppliers we trust. Our staff can assure professional service support and to offered systems and devices we’re offering  wide range of spare parts with short delivery times.