Introductions, consulting and technological audit

Specialized training services, and optimize for best performance

The implementation of CAD/CAM systems and modern cutting room

We offer fast and effective implementations of modern technologies for the production

Implementation of CAD/CAM system or Modern cutting room by the supplier requires experience, appropriate resources and the orderly course of action. You must specify objectives and meters, schedule work schedule and appoint persons responsible for individual tasks. An implementation is a folded undertaking, therefore a checked methodology of action is so important.

The InvenTex system and devices offered by the SEMACO company to the Modern cutting room, are guaranteeing checked development methodology – the safety of the success of the project and the maximization of the benefit from the made purchase.Our long-standing experience both in big as well as smaller companies and projects, is a guarantee of the selection and the effective completion of necessary action to do. The wide circle of satisfied Customers and rich references in the industry allow to state that implementations constitute one of specialities of the SEMACO company. The level of provided services certainly will fulfil your expectations.

Well implemented investments, backed up with just choice of the offer, competitive nesses are contributing to the height with regard to other companies.

Advisory and technological support

Selection of best solutions and technological support
  • We have the knowledge and human resources to carry out interesting and ambitious projects
  • We can show directions of development and choose the best and effective methods for their realization
  • The wide range of our products is a guarantee of the right choice
  • We know and all the time we are broadening our knowledge in the subject of trends and competitive solutions
  • We individually approach customer needs, we create solutions for further development

Technological audit before and after implementation

We are helping with the evaluation of the current condition of the technological enterprise or the department of the company

The technological audit is regarding the evaluation of the current potential of the technological enterprise, applied procedures and the identification of weak and strong sides in order to raise the competitiveness companies. The technological audit is an essential stage for getting by the company of the strong market position, the efficiency improvement of the production and/or provided services, and consequently increasing company’s profits.

An audit is a service doing by expert, directed mainly at production companies. As part of the service a manufacturing capacity and technological enterprises which are being confronted with the current state and the need of the market are being verified. An audit is also an identification weak and of strong points of the enterprise conducted based on the evaluation of personnel stores, infrastructures and the know-how of the company. It is also a method of estimation under the angle of the technological potential, applied procedures and possible needs. It is performed most often with external industry expert. The scope is adjusted depending on the needs of the company being audited, always contains an analysis of the production process, existing and potential technological problems, analysis of key technologies used in your company, the origin of the technology and the level of their consumption as well as the technological profile of the company compared with competitors.
After the conducted technological audit the specialist is presenting the report which the current state of the company contains and the proposal of directions of the development of the enterprise (particularly under the angle of recruiting or using new technologies).

The report contains the recommendation of further actions, as well as is indicating areas, in which the enterprise needs the support and these areas which can become a base of the subsequent development.

The post-implementation audit allows to state whether entered new solutions were finished with the success, whether cells put on were carried out, whether rates of the correctness of the course of processes are on the appropriate level, perhaps however whether further actions correcting or allowing to achieve additional advantages still are required.