CAD services, construction and grading of patterns

We offer wide range of services related with preparation and using the computer based production preparation. We realize orders from all countries and every CAD system. If you do not have CAD system but you need to prepare new collection quickly and in professional way, we will make them using modern computer technology. We have qualified team of pattern constructors with huge experience in production. We also have tools for data conversion between different CAD systems.

We action fast and efficiently using the best tools available on the market!!!


We offer services such as:

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garment construction and pattern design
computer pattern grading
preparing patterns using the construction grid
creating professional construction grids for the need of tailor custom clothing
creating and optimization of markers
data conversion between different CAD systems
pattern digitalization
plotter printout using files created by different CAD systems

We also cooperate remotely using all forms of communication such as: phone, email, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, remote access and video conferencing tools like TeamViewer and postal mail and courier.

Our offer and detailed information can be described by phone: no. +48 12 643-25-88 or using the form below.

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