Fabric Inspection Machines

Professional fabric inspection machines

Fabric inspection machines are used to inspect fabric materials in order to find manufacturing defects(weave), mechanical defects (holes) and dirty spots. For convenience of operator inspection machines have an illuminated panel, under the material. This machines rewinds and measures fabric in order to verify declared by the manufacturer length of roll oraz precisely mark distances between defects on the inspected roll of fabric. Yet another very important feature of the inspection machine is  to ensure even tension of rewinded fabric. This is a very important condition for spreading and cutting operations in future. Fabric inspection machines are used by manufacturers, where high quality of manufactured products forces additional quality check before materials are sent for spreading and cutting.


MODEL: DK-2 DE-1 DK-3 EK-1 EH-1 ES-1 TK-1
Material type Fabrics Elastic fabrics Jeans, knitwear, elastic fabrics Knitwear,
elastic fabrics
elastic fabrics
elastic fabrics
Knitwear “tubular”
End of roll sensor + + + + + + +
Edge control system + + + + + + +
Tension control system + + + + +  +
Air blow system +  +  –
Max. width of roll 180 cm 180 cm 180 cm 240 cm 240 cm  200/220/240 cm 150 cm
Max. weight of roll 150 kg 150 kg 400 kg 150 kg 150 kg 150 kg 150 kg
Max. roll diameter 450 mm 450 mm 700 mm 450 mm 450 mm  450 mm  500 mm

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