Training on usage and operation

We carry out implementations and trainings for InvenTex computer production preparation programs and for CAD/CAM equipment and devices. Most of the training is conducted at the customer’s production facility based on the production profile and needs. It is possible to carry out training at our office using professional CAD/CAM equipment. Recent very popular is the training done remotely via Internet. This training allows to take part in several shorter sessions which are easier to integrate into our customers’ work plan. It is also more cost-effective. In practice it is as effective as the training performed at the customer’s production facility. Training time is individually customized  to the company’s current needs and the level of the employees’ experience.

For pricing and planning for dedicated training, please contact: +48 12 / 643-25-88

You can also use the contact form. Please select the type of training you prefer and click the “Ask for Offer” button.

Examples of training costs proposals:

Remote training Training at Customer’s office
from 15 € /h* from 250 € /day*
The customer must have access to the internet of the required quality and transmission speed The price does not include the cost of travel and eventual accommodation for the trainer
Ask for offer
Ask for offer
* The prices quoted are net prices and apply to trainings realized in Poland or remotely via the Internet