Innovative system and CAD/CAM equipment

InvenTex it’s a CAD/CAM brand name known and present on polish market since 1999. Since the very beginning our main advantage is the ease and clarity of use. The InvenTex team introduced a new standard of introduction and training. After only three days of training the users can work independently with the system in production environment. InvenTex it’s not only the software, it’s also a complete hardware solution. For years the InvenJet plotters were and are a very solid and reliable element of the system. InvenCut it’s a family of innovative cutters manufactured in special versions customized for Semaco by our long-term partners. We’re doing our best to assure that the solutions we are offering are modern but also production-proven. We’re introducing the novelties with great responsibility, having in mind great care for service and spare parts support.

Applications and industries

InvenTex is used for designing and production preparation in many applications of garment and textile industry. As a complex solution targeted at users in these industries it has significant advantage over AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Catia, Inventor etc. These products are used mainly in technical textiles sector but there are many functions like for example notches, darts, folds, seams definitions, grading or marker creation which are practically impossible or very difficult without CAD software dedicated for textile and garment production. With help of the InvenTex software all types of required work can be finished quickly and easily.


All areas of textile, leather garments and leather goods


Upholstered furniture, textile fabrics and leather cutting


Car furniture, car carpets and other accessories


Fabrics and technical textiles, cutting of fibers for composites ...


Special version of the software for educational purposes

SEMACO company, creator and distributor of the InvenTex system is offering attractive licensing conditions to address needs of teachers, lecturers and students of vocational schools, high schools and universities. Students can learn new skills using innovative tools of the InvenTex system, which very modern and it’s created following newest trends both in the IT and industry fields. Wide range of features  allow to realize even the most demanding projects.


SEMACO is the owner, sole designer and creator of the InvenTex system. Since the beginning of our business activity we’re delivering machines and technologies for garment and textile production.   Since more than 25 years we’ve been introducing new standards in realization of innovative solutions for the manufacturers of garments, upholstery and textiles. Our experience and solidity in business, confirmed many times by loyalty certificates „Solid Firm” and „Fair Play Company” it’s a warranty of satisfaction and successful purchases.