Spreading machines

Automatic spreading of materials for automatic and hand cutting operations

Use of high quality spreading machines, nowadays becomes a necessity taking into consideration, because of use of technologically advanced, difficult for spreading and stitching stretchable and elastic materials. Taking above into consideration, only well chosen spreading machine enables you to make it possible to cope with it. As an advantage of all presented spreading machines is that, only one person can perform all spreading operations, doing that with much superior quality and effectivity against classic manual method of spreading. One of the most important features of professional spreading equipment, is ensuring that all layers are laid using same tension in all layers of the spreaded material of the marker. It is also possible to spread material without tension or even with a slight slack. Eliminating different tension in consecutive layers of material, results in much higher accuracy of cutting and as a result also stitching of elements. Bottom line is that, investing in spreading machine, we are able to improve quality of work, stitch much faster and more precize which results in on time quality production.

Below please find most popular series of spreading machines: