InvenSpread MJ1 Automatic spreading machine

Special version of the spreading machine for extra heavy materials as jeans material or other technical fabrics. Automatic spreading machine with conveyorized cradle, system “direct-drive”, operator’s platform oraz and easy in use touch screen operator’s panel and all wheel drive system. Automatic edge control system and tensionless spreading as a standard feature. also available automatic cutoff system of every layer. Special attachment for spreading in a zig-zac mode with end of material press bars as a standard feature.

User advantages:

  • Significant increase of possibility of spreading and unwinding of textile materials
  • High quality and accuracy of work thanks to the automatic edge control system
  • Uniform quality of spreading all length of markers, limited only by the length of spreading table
  • Practically no limits in length of spreaded markers, like in manual spreading
  • One man operation – cutting cost at increased output
  • Possibility of fully automatic mode, without of attention of the operator
  • Increased output also with short markers – cradle of the machine ensures easy load on and load off operation
InvenSpread MJ1 – Main technical parameters
max spreading height with cutting unit (cutting of subsequent layers) 250mm
max spreading height with zig-zag unit 220mm
max working width  from 160 to 340cm
max diameter of fabric roll  650mm
max weight of roll 350kg
max spreading speed 100 m/min.
voltage and power 5kW/ 220-240V
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