Video presentation of the system

Welcome to multimedia presentation of possibilities and functionality of the system. The presentation was divided thematically. On the left side there is a list of subjects grouped in tabs where you can switch between topics. 

Below please find most popular movies demonstrating the InvenTex system.

Modern designing and creation of 3D collections

See how easy it is to design collections and prepare needed patterns. InvenTex is supporting constructors right from the begining, the idea through following steps of model creation. Check how to create, model and with 3D technology – select best variants. Designing and constructing was never so easy as it is now in new version of the InvenTex system.

Produce effectively at lowest costs

The story of an entrepreneur who has problems resulting from popularity of his products. All what he achieved so far was made in a traditional way, without the system and computer. At some point his production collapsed and he started to lose his customers. Fortunately, Seve found solution to his problems on time. Maybe this funny story will inspire you …