Cutting tables

Professional spreading tables for spreading machines

Spreading table tops made of laminated play boards 25 mm thick, railed with aluminum profiles. Modular construction of the spreading table, enables to configure the length of the table according to the needs of end user. Standard width of the spreading table 180cm (possibility of manufacturing required width of the spreading table on order). Height of the table can be adjusted in range of  840–900mm. Special adjustment devices enable accurate leveling of the whole construction.

Basic important technical features of spreading tables series:

  • frame construction of the table makes the whole construction stable and rigid
  • table construction is manufactured from steel profiles 40 x 40 mm (frame) i 40 x 80 mm (foot)
  • table tops made of laminated wood board 25 mm in thickness
  • all table tops are railed with aluminum profiles of 25 x 25
  • all table tops are supported by steel profile frame 40 x 40 mm
  • table tops junctions are supported by the same steel profile 40 x 40 mm
  • every second frame has diagonal support, for more stable construction
  • possibility to use wheels, this way we can make the whole construction mobile
  • possibility to produce desired custom dimension of the table

Depending on the type of materials to be used for spreading,  technological conditions and chosen solution, there are 3 possible solutions to choose from, which are designed to work with the work with different types of the spreading machines. The spreading tables which we offer, may as well work with automatic cutting solutions, as well as semi-automatic or manual cutting rooms. It is also possible to choose mixed option, so that the end solution will be most suitable one for the user technically and economically.

Professional spreading table

Professional spreading table with air cusion

Professional spreading table with conveyor