InvenTex CAD/CAM is a comprehensive solution for apparel, lingerie, baby and  children’s clothing, leather goods and textiles producers. InvenTex FDS design and 3D visualisation InvenTex VST modules helps designers to prepare fabric and product designs and their 3D visualisation using three-dimensional avatars. Grading and modeling are the next time consuming processes, which with use of InvenTex PDS and InvenTex PGS are much more quicker. Traditional paper patterns can be really fast transferred to the system using digital camera thanks by photodigitalization (InvenTex IPD). The most optimal markers are made using InvenTex MGS and InvenTex IMM. InvenTex brand includes not only software. InvenTex is also the wide variety of devices like plotters for pattern printing, spreading machines for all kind of  materials and multilayer cutters for automatic, high-speed cutting of materials.