InvenTex VST V-Stitcher 3D garment visualization

Virtual sewing of patterns, visualization, trying and fitting in 3D

Speed and unlimited creativity in preparation and visualisation of your collection!

System for virtual, computer-aided visualization and fitting of garments allowing creation of three-dimensional, digital prototypes of garments. No need to order fabrics for sewing and no actual need to touch a sewing machine! 3D visualization on a computer, so common in other fields, now became possible also in garment production. InvenTex VST simulates textures, “draping” and fitting of garments which are then displayed on a virtual silhouette. Equipped with a powerful “3D real-time” engine, the InvenTex VST is a real breakthrough in garment industry offering revolutionary tool for designing and promotion. System InvenTex VST provides also a 3D browsing tool for interactive presentations and designing sessions.

InvenTex VST provides designers, constructors and managers who are approving products for production a perfect tool for suggestive visual presentation, electronic fitting and modelling utilizing parametrized body silhouettes. It’s a tool for communication, transferring comments and remarks between all people involved in a project. If the manufacturer is currently wasting too much time on prototyping, sending them, modifying and multiple sewing of prototypes before they’re finally accepted for production than it’s time to introduce InvenTex VST system to perform complete fitting process  in a digital way.

Advantages for the user:

  • Visualization of designer’s ideas in 3D realm
  • Trying and fitting of collection on different models and in different sizes
  • Perfectly refined and fitted patterns for all sizes
  • Work on new models without sewing of expensive prototypes, quick creation of collection
  • Extending group of potential customer without additional costs
  • Styling and color variants can be changed by single mouse drag
  • Remote, unlimited and comfortable cooperation with customers, suppliers and designers
  • Marketing and e-commerce support (eShop)
  • Very short return of investment time

Selected functionality of the VST module:

Virtual trying and fitting of garment

Highly advanced computer simulation of garments, perfectly reflects reality. Exceptionally precise, close to reality, three-dimensional presentation of human body silhouette in various poses. Dynamic 3D visualisation based on 2D patterns created in the InvenTex CAD system. VST eliminates the need to sew pre-production prototypes, which usually require further multiple modifications and repetitve sewing of prototypes, before the project can be approved for final production.

Realistic 3D projects

Designing in 3D utilizing perfect graphical textures. Design and share projects of garments, fabrics, seams, printings, 3D logos – in photorealistic quality, close to reality.

Effective creation of a collection

Show all your collections in highest picture quality in virtual 3D catalogues, before and during production and promotional activities. You’ll never be late with your offer! Thanks to various design options including 3D-visualization of shapes, colors, printings you’ll always keep up with current fashion trends.

Wide area of cooperation

Remote preview through the Internet. Design online with real time feedback from your customers and suppliers. Exchange information with other users thanks to integrated database gathering information about styles, shapes, textures, fabrics, attachments and sizes.

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InvenTex Studio it’s a fully integrated, comprehensive and modern solution for production of garments, textiles, upholstered furniture and automotive sector!

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