Company profile

InvenTex Studio Software is developed & manufactured by SEMACO company, established in Poland in year 1989, a group of expertised, deeply-experienced people engaged with garment and apparel industry mostly since over 20 years.

At the beginning of its activity, SEMACO was an importer and supplier of China & Taiwan made industrial sewing machines such as lockstitch, overlock and interlock. With time passing range of fields of our interest expanded, partly as the necessary answer to changing market reality & demands.

An important moment was year 1998 when weve made a strategic decision to seriously engage to help in research and enter to Poland with quite a new InvenTex brand garment CAD/CAM software originally from USA. Over 7-years of very close and intensive assistance in software research & development has brought us full owing rights to InvenTex brand name which became to be well-known one especially in Central-East Europe.

Today SEMACO represents in the market one of the most valuable supplier of advanced solutions, implemented at garment, upholstered furniture, automotive and technical textile dedicated industries. And not only by the volume sales, but firstly by represented know-how knowledge. No matter, either this is hardware equipment for sewing room, ironing, pressing, fusing or cutting room, or software solutions mainly for cutting room, then supporting all organization development. Both stays continuously as very important strategic fields of SEMACO interest.

SEMACO represents companies like: JUKI, Union Special, Kansai Special, Vibemac, AMF-Reece, Comel, Martin Group, Hashima, Ardmel, Oteman, Serkon, Orox… and many others.

sem_profil05InvenTex advanced computer systems brings for garment & apparel industries up-to-date solutions, checked by hundreds of ready-made installations, among them at the manufacturers working for leading, worldwide known brand name companies. Our experience, competence, knowledge, concentration on clients needs, finally wide & comprehensive product offer all these facts support effectively our customers in their activities to match and win today hard market competition.

An essential part of our activity are development and implementation of modern comprehensive CAD/CAM systems for cutting room, with assistant AMN intelligent automatic marker nesting & CPL cut planning modules, and also PDM & PCM systems, FDS fashion design systems, VST 3D real-alike garment visualization, fitting & design systems, and in the near future also complex PLM product lifecycle management platform. Integrated ERP production management systems, dedicated to control all production phases of garment & associated production fields are also of our development interest.

sem_praca05Employing high-class specialists, we are able to joint with success theoretical knowledge and practice – production needs and expectations. Wide offer & maximum flexibility these are our next strenghts.

Many years of hard-work activity has made SEMACO a finance independent organization. Financial power has made possible to establish in 2000 a new SEMACO INVEST GROUP Ltd Company – active and succesfull in the branch of housing building sector. All above has further improved our SEMACO group structure as of bigger finance power & operational security.

Company headquarters is placed in Krakow, a cultural capital of Poland with an amazing old town city, a former capital of Poland, and now a capital of new scientific & computer technology. SEMACO has also got three branch offices in Katowice and Lodz cities.

SEMACO sp.j. is always present in the most important Trade Shows & Exhibitions taking place in Poland, especially listing: “INTERMASZ”, TECHCONFEX, Meble (Furniture), Drema, FURNICA, FurniFab, Meble Ostróda, PTAK EXPO, KOMPOZYT EXPO, „Poznan Fashion Week”.
SEMACO has been visited or participated the most important worlwide Trade Shows as follows:

IMB Kolonia, Germany 09/1993, 06/1997, 06/2000 and 05/2003 & 05/2006 the last two editions with our own InvenTex stands
ITMA Milano, Italy 09/1995, 05/1999
JIAM Osaka, Japan 05/1996, 05/1999, 05/2005
JIAM Singapore 05/2008
Bobbin Show Atlanta, USA 09/1996, 05/2002
CISMA Szanghai, China 09/2004, 09/2005 i 09/2007-a last edition with our InvenTex own stand, 09/2009, 09/2011, 09/2013
Texprocess Frankfurt n/M., Germany 05/2011, Presentation of a new InvenTex CAD/CAM version 2010, 06/2013 Presentation of a new InvenTex CAD/CAM version v.11, 05/2015 Presentation of a new InvenTex CAD/CAM version v.12