Help with EU funding programmes

Financing using European Funds is the big opportunity for company development and in case of starting new business. We know how European Funding can help company or new project to achieve the success. It is why we are cooperating with companies which are helping to get financing from European Funds for many years. Now you can get financing from the current EU Funding edition for years 2014-2010. Financing may include different company needs as: increasing the competitiveness of the company on the market, implementation of IT projects, implementation of innovative solutions etc.

The spectrum of our help is comprehensive and covers all steps from submission of the application up to finalization of the project. Our help and our experience may make your chance to get the EU financing better.

If you are interested in our help please complete the form from our website.

We require short description of planned investment, it’s estimated cost, financing type and region where the investment will be made. These information are required because in different regions there are different availabilities; terms and conditions of submitting of the application.