InvenTex FDS virtual garment and textile designing tool

Designing of garments with 3D effects

Turn your ideas into realistic projects!!

InvenTex FDS, a computer-based tool for modern designer of garments. It’s a fusion of vector graphics editors like Corel Draw or Illustrator with raster graphics software like Photoshop into one, very functional product. FDS facilitates and speeds-up designing of garments, visual creation of printings and fabrics. Provides quick visualisation of the project in multiple color variants. InvenTex FDS increases creativity of designers and reduces time and costs of the initial phase of the product life which usually leads to further production stages only in case of 10-20% of new projects. InvenTex FDS allows creation of drawings and sketches required by technological documentation, made and utilized in the InvenTex PDM module and integrates well with the Excel spreadsheet.

Wirtual design of garments:

  • In just a few seconds you’ll prepare visualization of several color versions of your project and 3D effects will help in a very attractive and natural presentation of your model. It’s not necessary anymore to draw, usually very similar sketches on paper.
  • Single mouse click in the InvenTex FDS allows to copy a model and then modify it freely. Without waste of paper, without manual, time-consuming drawing. Your projects, stored on a computer disk, are always ready for further modifications.
  • Attractive catalogue of new projects you send directly to your customers, while their prototypes don’t even exist yet. At minimal costs you can verify and evaluate market reaction to your proposal of new products.

Advantages for the user:

  • reduction of designing time and costs, garments, fabrics and visualisations are created in a computer
  • increased creativity of designers, quick communication and decisiveness in designing stage
  • virtual catalogue with thousands of ideas, no need to buy fabrics, components and sewing of prototypes
  • more than 15.000 Pantone Textile colors assuring incomparably authentic simulation of colors
  • technical documentation can be enriched with drawing from provided library or created by the user
  • short return of investment period followed by additional profits

InvenTex FDS – one program providing three software studios:



Main module

FDS studio based on a vector editing module. That’s where the drawings are created and cutting lines, decorative stitches project descriptions, 3D effects, decorative tapes and laces can be added. Here we prepare realistic projects of new collections, journal sketches and technical drawing.



Designing of materials and weaves

Studio for fabric designing by means of pattern repetition parameters or definition of weft and warp weave. Quick change of color for scanned patterns of fabrics. Possibility to create extensive library of various fabrics, knits and other types of materials. Possibility to create virtual materials for your collection visualization.



Processing, styling, replacing of materials

Studio for raster graphics processing. Here we can make all modifications related to cropping of our models pictures, clearing the background, improve their visual appearance, etc. Here we can apply colors and textures to our models. Read or save image files in many popular graphical formats.

Selected functionality of the FDS module:


Creation of models in a computer significantly reduces designing time. By using imported or scanned sketches, fabric’s decorative patterns processed by digital tools we end-up with a very realistic results. The functionality allows to present project in various sizes, types of silhouettes, utilizing structure of the materials, components or with 3D effects. Visualization in the InvenTex FDS it’s an efficient, professional designer’s tool used for presentation of her projects of garments.

Realistic projects with 3D effects

3D designing with perfect image textures. Design and share garments, fabrics, seams, printings, 3D logos – in photorealistic quality. 

Effective creation of your collection

Show all your collections in highest picture quality in virtual 3D catalogues, before and during production and promotional activities. You’ll never be late with your offer! Thanks to various design options including 3D-visualization of shapes, colors, printings you’ll always keep up with current fashion trends.

Color options

Automatic edition of Pantone Textile provides quick selection of colors. Utilization of color palettes allows to apply an arbitrary combination of colors with possibility to save them for later re-use. The software was equipped with easy to use tools for colors searching and modification. RGB, CMYK, LAB and HLS color spaces assure easy communication and allow to obtain desired end-result quickly.

Easy to use tool fo creation of sketches and technical drawings

Remote preview through the Internet. Design online with real time feedback from your customers and suppliers. Exchange information with other users thanks to integrated database gathering information about styles, shapes, textures, fabrics, attachments and sizes.

Designing of weaves

Zdalny podgląd za pośrednictwem sieci Internet. Projektuj on-line z natychmiastową informacją zwrotną od klientów i dostawców. Wymieniaj informacje z innymi użytkownikami dzięki zintegrowanej bazie danych gromadzącej dane typu: style, kształty, tekstury, tkaniny, dodatki i rozmiary.

Presentation of selected program functions

More than 15000 Pantone Textile system colors available provides authentic simulation of colors

See all modules of the INVENTEX system

InvenTex Studio it’s a fully integrated, comprehensive and modern solution for production of garments, textiles, upholstered furniture and automotive sector!

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