InvenTex MTM automatic constructions – made to measure

Automatic constructions for made-to-measure and sewing services

Best fitting of garment to body dimensions!

InvenTex MTM provides fast, automatic garment patterns creation basing on given silhouette dimensions. Clear and intuitive functionality, ease of use and short introduction time. Parametrized construction grid is the basis for created and modified patterns. InvenTex MTM for perfect matching of patterns allows to create dependant grids, which are related to main construction grid assuring best fitting of eg sleeve and collar to their respective cuts. All modifications are fully automatic, all sizes at the same time.  InvenTex MTM can be used for any type of garment, where it’s necessary to assure perfect fitting to selected body measurements.

InvenTex MTM allows automatic fitting of patterns in given sizes entered by digitization greatly extending  functionality of the MTM system. We can quickly create new master model for our construction grid.

Interactive creator of the parametric construction grid allows to create new grids in a clear and easy way. Additionally there are functions for parametric modelling of patterns. By means of simple definitions and simple selection options we can automatically create and move darts, folds, hemmings and other similar modifications and multiple variants of the model.

Description of MTM module’s selected functionality:

Advantages for the user:

  • very fast handling of made to measure orders
  • quick patterns creation according to given body measurements
  • high precision of created patterns
  • possibility to create multiple variants of the base pattern
  • interactive measurements table assuring dimensional precision
  • Order Manager is a warranty of clean and efficient handling of orders
  • quick duplication or repetition of orders
  • gathers information about order’s parameters and its status
  • high efficiency and profitability of made to measure orders

Feature-rich MTM order manager

Easy, comfortable & quick searching in big database of models & orders
  • extended functionality of the Model Manager with advanced support of base models and MTM components
  • additional MTM Order Manager module allowing to create catalogued, clean structure of made measurements and previous orders, which can be quickly found and reused in the future
  • full control on current statuses of currently processed orders
  • unique method to handle models in the whole system
  • efficient flow of information and work organization

Intuitive order creator

Best way for quick MTM orders creation
  • new orders are made easily with clean and friendly creator tool
  • quick and easy duplication of finished MTM orders with possibility to edit its parameters
  • feature-rich directory of clients, meeting with all required and optional requirements concerning the clients
  • comprehensive and easy to use configuration of components and data necessary to handle the order
  • cataloguing possibility for available modifications of the model

Tables with dimensions, models and body silhouette

Flexibly adapted to made to measure sewing
  • high flexibility in creation of measurements, optional measurements feature
  • easy way to create and quickly input lots of dimensions
  • possibility to attach multiple images for dimensions visualization
  • possibility to enter only the difference between base size greatly speeds-up and simplifies handling of data
  • support for constructional clearances defined as parameters in dimensions table with corresponding modification of patterns

Perfect verification of dimensions

Interactive, quick and precise patterns controlling methods
  • interactive measurements table inherited from base model it’s the best verification and measurement method for patterns made according to given dimensions
  • dynamic verification of control measurements defined on patterns is made in real time and allows quick verification of fitting for sections which are sewn together
  • available are additional methods to define measurements in the interactive table
  • summary of all controlled dimensions presented in form of a printed report it’s an excellent way to prepare order documentation

Parametric construction grids

A functionality which provides the highest standard of made to measure sewing

  • patterns are built according to macro definitions which were created especially for parametric constructions
  • the concept introducing relation of patterns with construction grid allows for quick automatic modification of patterns which were digitized or imported from other CAD systems
  • fully integrated with InvenTex PDS module what results in clear interface, common set of functions and ease of use
  • special corner definition for seam allowances makes it possible to generate patterns which are ready to cut

Creative Automatic Modifications

Easy selection of a variant, range of modifications and model finishing

  • one base model can have many modifications, eg back of shirt with two folds, one box pleat or two internal darts
  • easy construction of darts and moving of darts
  • possibility of easy introduction of dynamic definitions and sizes for pleats, darts, folds, etc.
  • availability of component patterns which were created earlier allows creation of additional variants of the model
  • unlimited number of model versions, easily opened from the list
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