InvenTex PGS grading of patterns

Interactive, advanced grading of patterns

Perfect accuracy and fast grading of patterns

InvenTex PGS it’s an innovative and excellent grading system providing notable time savings and best methods of grading available for garment and textile patterns. Functionality of this tool is implemented by following newest standards and technological requirements. To meet with requirements of highest norms and assure quality of matching for graded patterns a special interactive measurements table was implemented. Thanks to it grading operations are dynamically verified and differences can be observed in real time. The operator gains confidence and high ergonomy of work. Additionally the InvenTex system is supporting multi-dimensional size sets (combination or circumferences, heights, types of silhouette, bras cup sizes, etc).  Clear, readable, easy to use, fast and very intuitive edition, displaying, switching of grading rules and parameters for multi-dimensional size sets, these are the features which make an advantage in reference to other CAD systems available on the market. Using the InvenTex system we can prepare grading of a model in 10-20 minutes only, even for 100 sizes. It can be even 100 times faster in comparison to similar operation performed manually. Thanks to this production preparation for models with extended size sets specification will never be a problem anymore and won’t utilize additional resources or costs. It’s impossible to obtain in manual grading. Computer-aided grading in the InvenTex system assures significant time and costs savings combined with increased efficiency and quality. In each step of production process grading rules can be easily corrected so that the models can be even more suited to required dimensions of body silhouette. InvenTex PGS turns grading into an easy, fast pleasant and more accessible job, especially for users with less experience in construction.

Selected functionality of the grading module:

Advantages for the user:

  • significant time savings
  • very high precision and quality of patterns
  • even 100-times reduction of time needed for patterns preparation for production
  • effective support of arbitrary amount size sets without additional costs
  • better organization of constructor’s work and improved timeliness of production
  • better accessibility for users with smaller experience in construction of patterns
  • dynamic verification of patterns matching thanks to the interactive measurements table
  • creation of patterns following the highest quality standards
  • notable quality improvement and better fitting of finished products
  • production costs reduction and big savings in following years

Unlimited size sets

Index of size sets supports all standards of sizing
  • perfectly designed grading methods based on flexible and very practical in usage size sets providing all known and best possibilities to obtain required sizes for manufactured products
  • easy creation of new, arbitrary sized group of sizes, made exactly according to individual construction & sales needs
  • easy to use dialog window allows to specify all required data in clear and readable way
  • unlimited grading using tables with circumferences, heights, silhouettes and other requirements

Multi-dimensional tables for sizes

Possibility to use required quantity of tables for the matrix of sizes
  • simple, one-dimensional size set eg S,M,L czy 36,38,40 etc is not a problem for the majority of CAD systems, also in the PGS module it’s implemented in user-friendly, quick and easy way
  • by using multi-dimensional sizing tables InvenTex system gains big advantage to other CAD systems which are working with simple size table only
  • multi-dimensional tables are edited and displayed by means of grids of columns and rows in which circumferences and heights are crossed in a very clear and readable way (similarly to Excel program)
  • in the construction module they’re displayed using very comfortable and quick in usage tabs (see details on the picture next to this text)

Notches always in correct position

Grading of notches assures their precise placement on the pattern
  • full control on correct (according to technological requirements) placement of notches is a basis of success for good constructions and patterns grading
  • InvenTex grading module provides best methods for correct grading of notches
  • experienced constructor can use advanced grading tools, including grading of depending notches and percentage distance grading
  • additionally measurement and notches matching functions give to the constructor the best methods of control

Automatic grading

Advanced calculation of grading rules for selected point
  • very popular automatic grading of pattern joining points with mutual matching of shapes and required sizes
  • irreplaceable for complicated grading or multi-element model, requiring precise matching of patterns
  • used also for many of available cutting functions, joining and modelling of patterns for auto calculation of grading rules which already exist
  • automatic calculation of grading rules with consideration of points placed on different patterns which are indicators for calculated rule (see details on picture next to this text)

Speed and ergonomy of work

Excellent tool for efficient and effective grading of patterns
  • most popular Copy and Paste supported by functions to exchange values between X and Y axes, zeroing or entering only required values, works simultaneously with multiple points and lines
  • Quick Grade it’s the fastest method of automatic creation of new grading rules for series of points and patterns
  • interactive grading it’s a method to indicate directions and values of movement using a mouse, fine settings can be precisely adjusted using keyboard
  • Keyboard Grade it’s a method there keyboard arrows are used to indicate directions and increments of grading rules

Full control on the shape

Individual adjustment of pattern’s shape by means of grading function
  • each change of shape in any size will be automatically applied to remaining sizes, according to defined grading rules
  • possibility to modify and individually correct grading any size of already graded pattern
  • for irregular grading the system provides simple editing methods of variable rules
  • additionally in arbitrary chosen sizes we can define individual shape of pattern, what’s giving the constructor a unique set of tools which are usually unavailable in other systems

Best verification and measurements

All required tools for professional control and measuring
  • to facilitate verification of grading or measurements of total value of increments it’s often necessary to move all sizes of one pattern to one point or line (see details on picture next to this text)
  • arbitrarily chosen line or group of lines can be measured in all or selected sizes at the same time and then added to the comparison table to be summed up or deducted from other dimensions
  • additional function „check patterns in all sizes” can be used for advanced control if graded shapes are correct and do not overlap, eg in positions where they were cut

New patterns from selected sizes

Easy creation of base patterns for further modification
  • possibility to create independent, permanent or for controlling purposes, new shapes inherited from shapes in selected size
  • using such patterns we can create new set of base patterns which will be a basis for new model
  • for more advanced measurements or modelling we can also form with patterns which have different, individual shapes in certain sizes
  • function is useful also for made to measure sewing

Grading - Fast and Easy!

The system can perform grading of all your single, non-graded patterns in the blink of an eye!
  • Excellent Grade Nest function can create grading in all sizes basing on only two sizes
  • In case of non-proportional grading for Grade Nest function select patterns in required sizes
  • Additionally when doing classic digitizing of patterns you can digitize grading rules as well
  • Patterns entered to the system by photo-digitizing can be used in Grade Nest function and basing on two or more patterns they’ll be graded automatically

Flexibility on each stage of work!

You can add or remove required sizes to a finished model anytime you want
  • Easy change of size sets in any stage of production preparation process, even for a model which was already prepared for cutting
  • You can extend or reduce the size set anytime
  • Base size can be easily changed in any moment
  • Intuitive conversion of size sets to another, different size table
  • Possibility to copy and join patterns from different size sets
  • Various ways to supplement missing grading rules for new sizes added to the size set

Information always ``at hand``!

Required measurements and values are displayed on request
  • Each size set available in the system can have one of more convenient to use body measurements tables or dimensions of finished product (eg before and after laundry)
  • At any time of construction or grading process you can use selected tables
  • All attachments assigned to the model can be displayed on single click and are always at hand
  • Additionally, integrated PDM Compact module gives information coming from technical documentation of the model

Accuracy and precision!

Best methods & practices provide professionalism & precision of work

  • In order to achieve definitely much higher precision in grading of small patterns, eg lingerie, the InvenTex system provides the offset grading
  • Moreover an advanced constructor can utilize advanced possibilities of Bezier curves to obtain required shapes of lines
  • In certain cases the function of grain line grading can be very useful to set specific pattern orientation requirements within the marker
  • For better readability each size in preview of the grading grid is shown in different color, including height tables
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