InvenTex DIG classic digitizing of patterns

Classic digitizing of patterns using a digitizing board

Replace paper-made patterns to their digital equivalents!

Digitizing is a process of real patterns shapes (usually made of carton) processing into a digital form and storing  on computer’s hard disk. A pattern consisting of various internal lines (eg contour), internal lines, points, technological markings, has to be precisely recognized by means of manual cursor and transformed from physical to digital representation. Most commonly used digitizing boards are in range of sizes from A3 to A0+ or as in case of photo-digitizing – digital cameras (more about photo-digitizing in InvenTex IPD chapter). InvenTex DIG allows to perform fast, intelligent processing of a complete size set of the model by digitizing only two sizes. InvenTex DIG is utilizing a unique voice assistance functionality which is guiding the user through the whole process, eliminating the need to control it on the computer’s monitor, resulting in time savings, comfort of usage and error-free operation. Additional handy menu located in the corner of the digitizing table makes the digitizing process even faster and more ergonomic.

More information about digitizing equipment can be found in the Equipment/Digitizers section...

InvenTex is supporting all possible methods of digitizing:

  • with classing digitizing board in size range from A3 to A0+
  • by means of photo-digitizing using digital pictures of patterns
  • by scanning the patterns in A2/A3 flatbed scanners or wide format scanners

Selected functionality of the DIG module:

Advantages for the user:

  • processing of traditional patterns to digital format is very easy
  • smaller digitizer can be used, independently on the size of entered patterns
  • voice assistance makes it easy and eliminates errors
  • ergonomic and fast usage thanks to handy menu in a corner of digitizer’s boards
  • flexible configuration of the digitizing process according to operator’s needs
  • patterns can be graded directly on the digitizer’s board
  • real time preview on the monitor provides quick verification of digitizer’s cursor error
  • fast method of digitizing existing patterns or correcting them in a traditional way (with scissors and shaping by stitcking pieces of paper to the original shape)
  • digitizing process does not require prior operator’s experience or construction knowledge

Full preview of the process

  • interactive preview of the process in real time on computer’s screen assuring best data processing results and eliminates errors and glitches during digitizing of points
  • digitizing of contours and all their points, lines and internal objects is arranged in a organized way, very easy to follow
  • correction of entered point is possibly in any moment, part of the operation can be cancelled or data can be substituted by new coordinates

Very easy and quick usage

  • handy digitizer’s menu with printed mini-buttons of assigned commands simplifies and significantly speeds-up the whole process of entering multiple patterns of the model to the system
  • sequential order of digitizing process with voice assistance and user’s guiding eliminates possibility to omit some of necessary steps to the minimum
  • perfect Bezier curves handling algorithm allows to define complicated shapes of patterns with minimal number of points

Functional and effective

  • intelligent, automatic entering of a whole size set of patterns by providing only two different sizes (regular grading)
  • for irregular grading with different increments of grading rules values between subsequent sizes there is a possibility to digitize all sizes separately which will be then automatically calculated and corresponding grading rules will be created by the system
  • the easiest method of patterns digitizing, requires only a short training

Unlimited and opened to users needs

  • InvenTex DIG works with all formats of digitizers available on the market
  • advanced configuration tool assures correct work of the digitizer and software
  • comfortable customization of the cursor’s functions allows to adjust handling of the process by assignment of respective buttons depending on one’s requirements or habits
  • patterns which are much bigger than the working area can be digitized in fragments, step-by-step and all parts will be automatically joined into one pattern
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