TK-1 fabric inspection machine for tubular fabrics

Fabric inspection machine TK-1 enables us to rewind, inspect and measure the length of fabric „tubular” knitwear materials. Inspection of the fabric takes place simultaneously from both sides. Equipment widely used by the manufacturers, where high quality production forces manufacturer to inspect delivered fabrics before they are delivered to cutting room.

Important technical features:

  • allows to inspect both sides of the material at the same time
  • possible work i forward and backward mode
  • automatic speed control
  • maximum diameter of roll 45 cm
  • manual tension control
  • optionally the machine can be delivered with barcode labeling system  for easy labeling of material defects, generation and printing of reports and statistical printouts
  • optionally machine can be delivered with weight recorder, in connection with length measurement enables to easily calculate the specific gravity weight of the fabric material

User advantages:

  • Full control of parameters of the fabric delivered by the manufacturer – actual length and weight of rolls, registration of many types of defects and flaws
  • Forces better quality of delivered materials from manufacturers through monitoring of quality, fast and professional reporting of defects and fawis to suppliers/manufacturers
  • Savings on purchased material through professional reports showing possible incompatibilities between invoiced value against actually delivered goods
  • Easier and faster work at spreading of fabric, full information about defects and flaws on the fabric before we begin the spreading operation
  • One man operation – low running cost at significant increase of savings
  • Better quality of manufactured goods

Fabric inspection machine TK-1 – Main technical parameters

maximum width of roll 150 cm
maximum diameter of roll 450 mm
maximum weight of roll 150 kg
maximum rewinding speed 60 m /min. (adjustable)
weight of the machine 400kg
machine dimensions H. 220 cm, L. 280 cm, W. 160 cm
power requirements / power consumption 380V/50Hz/1,5kW
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