Algotex WIND ink-jet plotters

Professional ink-jet plotters are designed for high quantity of prints. High, constant plotting speed of 110m2/h affects printing performance. Plotter equipped with industrial printheads with ink tank.The Plotter has two rear rollers that allow you to load two different widths and types of paper rolls. Paper take up realised to the front reel or free. This plotter is recommended for medium sized and big production companies.

Plotter ink-jet 2-Head Algotex  WIND JET 180 WIND JET 220 WIND JET 240
Max. plotting width 180 cm 205 cm 238 cm
Plotting speed (constant) 110m²/h
Type of printhead industrial printheads with ink tank (XAAR)
Communication USB 2.0
Paper feeding two rear rollers for loading two different widths and types of paper roll about max. diameter 26cm
Paper Take-up to the front reel or free paper take-up
Paper weight 40 kg
Plotter’s dimensions L. 288cm, W. 68cm, H. 117cm L. 318cm, W. 68cm, H. 117cm L. 350cm, W. 68cm, H. 117cm
Voltage/Power 100-280V / 50-60Hz / 100W
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