Cutting and plotting InvenJet G series ink-jet plotter

Ink-jet 1-Head plotting and cutting plotter recommended for small and medium sized production companies. Max plotting width 125-185cm depending on chosen model. Plotting speed 42m2/h. Due to the carton cutting function, plotter has two feed rollers: first for front loading of the paper roll for patterns printing with automatic free paper buffer and automatic rolling of paper on the upper paper take-up roll, and second feeding roll for parallel loading of the carton. This guarantees high performance and multifunctionality. Unlike for drawing plotters, this plotter is a 3-function device that allows you to:

  • forms and patterns cutting from carton
  • forms and patterns printing on paper
  • printing on carton and cutting forms and patterns

InvenJet G-1H series

InvenJet 1250G-1H

InvenJet 1650G-1H

InvenJet 1850G-1H

Max plotting (cutting) width 125 cm 165 cm  185 cm
Plotting speed 42 m²/h
Cutting speed     1200 mm/s
Precision <0.1 mm
Type of printhead 1 X HP45 (black) + knife holder
Communication USB 2.0/LAN
Paper feeding Front paper loading with an automatic free paper buffer
Functionality two paper rolls installed, Printing and Cutting Works at Anytime
Roller press system two-stage, adjustable pressure rollers
Paper take-up To the front reel or free paper take-up
Paper weight 40-350 g/m2
Thickness and type of cut materials 60-350 g/m2 kraft paper, carton and other
Cutting method Dot and Dash Line Cutting & Continuous Cutting
Data format HP-GL
Dimensions L. 192cm
W. 61cm
H. 101cm
L. 232cm
W. 61cm
H. 101cm
 L. 252cm
W. 61cm
H. 101cm
Net / gross weight 70 kg / 130 kg 82 kg / 140 kg 86 kg / 145 kg
Voltage/Power 86-264V / 50-60Hz / 220W
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