Digitizers InvenGraph ID-1824C A2 Format

Portable digitizer, without stand, does not take a lot of place, very good price !!!

Digitizer with working area of 46x61cm (18″x24”) with a practical 16-buttons cursor.  In combination with the InvenTex DIG module, allows to introduction arbitrarily large patterns (exceeding the digitizer’s working area) into computer memory. Communication through RS 232 serial port. Can be optionally used with standard COM to USB converters which allow to connect them to new generation of USB ports. Working resolution of 2540 lpi. Due to it’s compact size it’s delivered without stand and can be placed in any suitable place, eg on a desk.

InvenGraph ID-1824C  (A2)
Working area 46x61cm (18″x24”)
Communication Serial port type RS-232 or USB (option)
Type of cursor with 16-buttons
Resolution 100-12800 dpi (2540 lpi)
Mounting type without stand, can be placed on a desk
Dimensions / Weight 65 cm x 80 cm x 10 cm / 8 kg
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