Wide format scanners for photodigitizing of patterns

Advanced hardware pattern scanning systems

New generation wide format scanner working in CIS technology used for patterns scanning and others documents with optical resolution up to 1200dpi. Maximum width depends on the selected model (min. 90cm), length limited only by the capabilities of the computer. Large format scanners work well with InvenTex IPD photodigitization module. They transform the shape of the patterns into the image with the greatest possible accuracy, and the applied image correction technology eliminates any possible edge distortion of the pattern. However, the barrier of wider use is quite a high price of the device. For this reason, the photodigitization module(IPD) is supplied as standard with a special fotodigitizations board that allows scans of templates with comparable accuracy, and the price difference is incomparably lower.

Wide format scanner
Max scanning width to 112 cm
Scanning lenght unlimited
Kind of connection USB, LAN option
Resolution 600-1200 dpi (optical)
Accuracy 0,1% +/-1 piksel
Max. scanned patterns thickness to 2 mm
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