Digitizers InvenGraph A0 and A00 format

Electromagnetic digitizers are designed to incorporate traditional (paper) patterns of any size into computer’s memory. Digitizers are equipped with a practical 16-buttons cursor. InvenTex CAD software allows you to use all of buttons and to program the handy functions handled during the digitization process. Thanks this we gain significant efficiency in the process of patterns introduction. The Digitizer is a freestanding unit, mounted on a column base with adjustable height and inclined angle.

InvenGraph A0 & A0+ 
Model ID-3648CS (A0) ID-4860CS (A00)
Working area 91 cm x 122 cm (36″ x 48″) 122 cm x 152 cm  (48″ x 60″)
Communication Serial port type RS-232 or USB (option)
Type of cursor with 16-buttons
Resolution 2540 lpi (100 lpmm)
Type of mounting Standalone stand with adjustable height and inclination angle
Dimensions / Weight  (with base) 140 cm x 150 cm x 60 cm / 45 kg 170 cm x 180 cm x 60 cm / 60 kg
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