Photodigitizing table

Magnetic board available in several dimensions, selected depending on the size of a single pattern or the quantity of digitized patterns in the set. Carton patterns are attached to the board using neodymium magnets. Such patterns are photographed with a digital camera and then read on the computer from a camera card. The Inventex IPD module performs photodigitization and self-calibration with shape and dimension readings.

Board type Small Standard Big
Table dimensions 90 cm x 120 cm x 2 cm 120 cm x 180 cm x 2 cm 150 cm x 250 cm x 3 cm
Weight 5 kg 20 kg 40 kg
Working area  79 cm x 100 cm (31″ x 40″) 102 cm x 165 cm (40″ x 65″)  140 cm x 225 cm (55″ x 88″)
Recommended for patterns lingerie, caps, children’s clothing all types of clothing, baby strollers upholstery furniture, yacht, car
Included magnets 15 pcs. 20 pcs. 25 pcs.
Mounting method wall mounted

Additional hardware solutions

There are also other boards and devices for photodigitization process

Mobile photodigitization board

Photodigitization board is also available in transportable version. All additional features in accordance with the above-described wall mounted version. In case when the important is to move the board in a given room, it is advisable to use a transportable version. In other cases we recommended to use a more stable version, ie with a board attached directly to the wall.

Photodigitization table integrated with camera and computer station

Specialist solution for create dedicated workstation for processing a big quantity of patterns. Integrated camera transfers the data on-line to the computer’s USB port via the communication protocol. Working area preview and camera control are performed directly on the connected computer. A very solid tripod on which the camera is fixed eliminates the need for frequent image calibration.

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