Cutting and plotting InvenPenCut DE series plotter

Pen-drawing and cutting plotter recommended for preparation of patterns made of cardboard with a max thickness of 2mm. Plotter is equipped with a vacuum pump, assuring fiirm holding of cardboard on the cutting surface. Head of the plotter allows installation of two independent tools: one to be used for plotting patterns descriptions and the other for cutting patterns outlines. Plotters are equipped with cardboard unrolling stand (optionally can be delivered with motor-driven cardboard feeding system). Max cutting area of 1200x900mm. Max cutting speed 1000mm/s. The control computer can be connected through LPT port. Cutting thickness in range of 0,5 to 2mm.

Plotter pen-drawing & cutting InvenPenCut series DE
Model DE 1209 DE 1509 DE 1512
Effective working area size 1200 x 900 mm 1500 x 900 mm 1500 x 1200 mm
Cutting speed 1000mm/s
Carton/paper holding vacuum system
Types of cut materials white cardboard, recycled cardboard, plastic sheets, etc
Working modes plotting with pen, cutting using knife
Max thickness of cut material 0,5-2,0mm (0,5-1mm dla “kartonów odzieżowych”)
Cutting precision < 0,1mm
Resolution 0,025mm
Communication RS-232, LPT
Data formats HP-GL, DM-PL
Type of cutting tool dragged steel knife
Type of pen standard writing pen (oil-type or ball pen)
Main elements of the plotter automatic cutting head, frame and cutting table, driving system, control box, vacuum pump
Type of driver and control standard
Power supply 230V / 50Hz 5A
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