Mobile flatbed scanners A3/A4

Classic A4 format scanners and bigger A3 format (for patterns photodigitization)

An optical scanner is an input device that converts a static image into a digital image for further computer processing. In InvenTex IPD module scanners can be used to processing small sizes patterns of clothing into digital form (especially in underwear manufacturing). In the InvenTex PDM module, it is used like a main device to image processing source for the technical documentation developing. Depending on the needs and sizes of scanned objects, different types of scanners are available.

Standard A4 format scammer

A popular A4 document scanner, designed for image processing and attachments used for InvenTex system documentation preparing. It can be also used for photodigitizing small clothing patterns like an image processing device in the InvenTex IPD module. Maximum working area 29,7x21cm. There are several models that differ mainly in speed, end image quality and sales price.

Big A3 format scanner

The OpticSlim 1180 scanner is a high-end A3 document scanner designed to scan clothing patterns and large format documents, that do not exceed 29.7 cm x 43.1 cm. Symmetrical patterns with folding line are scanned only half way, increasing the scanner’s working area. Device is equipped with four programmable buttons that allows user to automatic and simply working in most common tasks during the scanning process. The OpticSlim 1180’s LED light source provides stable and even illumination of the scanned material, which does not deteriorate over the life of the scanner. This has a significant impact on preserving the highest images quality and instant availability of the device for working, without the need to heat up the lamp.

Mobile A3 format scanner

New technologically advanced portable scanner capable of scans an area with a maximum rectangular size of 30 x 42 cm. If you put them on your desk, it doesn’t take up much space. It has extra sliding LED lighting that additionally illuminates the scanned area. This scanner can be used to scan clothing patterns, which the area does not exceed the working surface of the device. Symmetrical patterns with folding line are scanned only half way, increasing the scanner’s working area. Scanner characterised by very short scan time, which is approximately 1s. Device connected with computer via USB port. The high-end optical sensor (usually 5 mega pixels) provides very good scan quality.

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