Cutting and plotting InvenPenCut XZ 1512 plotter

Pen-drawing and cutting plotter with an automatic plotting&cutting head recommended for preparation of patterns made of cardboard with max thickness of 3mm. Head of the plotter is equipped with a holder allowing usage of two independent tools: one used for plotting patterns descriptions and the other one for cutting of patterns outlines. The plotter is delivered with a vacuum pump (5,5kW power) which is responsible for holding cardboard firmly on cutting surface during cutting. Max cutting speed 1300mm/s. Working area: 1500x1200mm.

InvenPenCut XZ 1512 – Pen-drawing and cutting plotter

Effective working area size 1500 x 1200mm
Cutting speed 1300mm/s
Cutting speed vacuum system
Types of cut materials white cardboard, recycled cardboard, plastic sheets, etc
Working modes plotting with pen, cutting using knife
Max thickness of cut material 0,5-3,0mm
Cutting precision < 0,05mm
Resolution 0,025mm
Communication RS-232, LPT
Data formats HP-GL, DM-PL
Type of cutting tool dragged steel knife
Type of pen standard writing pen (oil-type or ball pen)
Main elements of the plotter automatic cutting head, frame and cutting table, driving system, control box, control computer, vacuum pump
External dimensions 2,035m×1,855m×1,26m
Type of driver and control servo
Power supply 230V / 50Hz 5A
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