CAD Workstations

Professional computers used in CAD/CAM systems

Preferred computer workstation for CAD systems is a  professional, branded computer intended applications in systems CAD with monitor about the panoramic screen and the FullHD resolution (1920 × 1080 of pixels) and diagonal of screen 23 ″ or bigger. It provides the stable and efficient job of the modern CAD system, but the high resolution considerably are increasing workspace as well as provides better comfort for the work.

However the choice could be a little difficulty. It is because on the market there are a new solutions, technologies and standards and they are still changing. Not everyone can spend the time exactly to keep up with gossip concerning video cards, processors, memory etc.

For the offered computer workstations we always choose the better and checked solutions. We also take care that the cost of the computer desk is moderate, so that the customer does not have to look himself for another solution. Professional and good configuration is a guarantee of stable and comfortable operation of the whole system!
For best performance and data security, the kit should include the following additional accessories:

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