Terminals and remote access consoles for CAD systems

Workstations used to remote work or used in terminal solutions

Terminal work with the remote access console involves access to the workstation from anywhere, by using any hardware and available on every operating software system called “Remote Desktop Protocol” It is service a remote computer connection, which use another computer that is connected to the same network or is connected to the internet.
For example we can on our home computer use all of the programs and files that are available on our corporate computer and on our corporate network – in the same way like sitting in front of our computer at work. It is also important that we do not have to install any add-on software and use hardware keys or other devices on the computer from which we connect (for example, from home).

To make it possible to work with the remote access console, the CAD / CAM system It must have “out” computer workstations available or be equipped with a professional workstation virtualization server with remote access.

For the best performance and safety, it is recommended to use special, cost-effective terminals.  Terminals are unattended “small computers” which, thanks to used technology, provide very comfortable and reliable access to the remote workstation. Each terminal is plugged to monitor with a diagonal of 23 “or higher working with FullHD resolution (1920×1080 pixels) or larger, traditional keyboard and mouse. The RDP protocol does not require a high-speed Internet connection.

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