Database servers and file servers

Servers for the database of the SQL type and shared files

InvenTex CAD system use SQL Server to read and write data that is generated in all application modules. There are several hardware solutions tailored to the needs and the number of supported CAD systems. Optimal base architecture does not require expensive high-performance hardware. For installations of up to 10 InvenTex CAD/CAM system, this is a server solution whose net cost is relatively small and does not exceed EUR 300.
Additionally for increasing the productivity and the running speed InvenTex database servers SQL are being delivered with the author’s software-hardware solution, based on applying the specialist solution with the new generation SSD disk and optimized operating system.

In most cases, the operating system for the InvenTex SQL server is specially created and configured for database solutions, Linux distribution. It has implemented many of the experience gained during multi-year implementations and administration of systems based on SQL database systems.

Advantages of using SQL Server in InvenTex CAD / CAM:

  • The highest possible security and protection against unauthorized access to model data, patterns, layouts,
  • Speed and functionality in accessing information from models, orders, and layouts
  • Very high data integrity with interdependence between data in the system
  • Lack of ability for access to data from outside the program, is making impossible the undesired variation or removing data from the base
  • Product functionality is not artificially limited in any way
  • Powerful, stable and technologically advanced SQL server software
  • The database is only in one standalone file that can be located to your individual needs
  • Easy installation and support on most MS Windows and Linux operating systems
  • Simple archiving, access restriction with permissions, transaction support, replication
  • Network access without the need for file sharing and resource mapping
  • Use of internal SQL language for additional functional extensions
  • In Windows, it acts as an operating system service (works even if no user is logged on)
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