Automatic nesting and production planning servers

Specialist solution for the highly efficient optimization for the cutting orders

InvenTex system with exploiting IMM modules (Intelligent Creating Arangements of the cut) and ICP (Intelligent Planning of the Cutting Orders) is exploiting the maximum, and available power of a new generation multi-layered processors. Computer-servers being able to meet “expectations of the algorithm”, have a specialist configuration being in the borderland of highly efficient workstations and server machines. Their relatively high power is used to make very large calculations and logical, the best combination of combinations for the optimal layout of the pattern, in the shortest time possible.

Applying a new generation, the efficient, multi-layered processor and the innovative InvenTex IMM module in the version Profesional Plus Multi-Core, at the same time, it allows you to achieve more comparable trials, achieve the best possible material and time savings. Advanced, intelligent functions of the algorithm are using every free time of the device, in the destination of the completion of additional calculations and many of repeating them, achieving good results still.

Advantages of applying the InvenNest Server in InvenTex CAD/CAM systems:

  • The highest possible savings in materials and working time
  • Built-in intelligence allows for better optimization results
  • Minimum time spent by the operator devoted to supervision and verification of processes
  • Thanks to the dedicated application, it always uses the full power of the algorithm and the resources of Intel® i7 processor or multiple Intel® Xeon® processors
  • Adapted to extremely of efficient work from the 100% with burdening the time full-scale
  • Availability of the optimization through 24 the hour/day and 7 days during the week
  • Fast return on investment and huge savings in subsequent periods of use
  • Unrivalled, innovative connecting the software-hardware technology!
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